Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication Services

Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication

Mechanical engineering and fabrication spans a wide variety of services including prototyping, design for manufacturing, machining, and assembly. When searching for mechanical engineering and fabrication resources, consider that a professional's top priority is your project, whereas a student's top priority should be their classes.

Local Companies and Organizations

National and International Companies

Online Fabrication Services

  • Ponoko: Laser engraving and cutting, any batch size
  • RedEyeOnDemand: Rapid prototyping, 3D printing
  • Shapeways: 3D printing services and marketplace

CWRU Services

*CWRU Affiliates Only


Student Freelancers

  • think[box] Flyers - Post a printed flyer at think[box] to recruit a student user
  • Co-op Program: CWRU office mediating professionally oriented projects

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