Projects at think[box]


iPlayAir USB Audio Gateway August 22, 2016

MV Designlabs, a local company founded by two Electrical Engineering and Computer Science alumni of Case Western Reserve University, created the iPlayAir USB Audio Gateway. The iPlayAir USB Audio Gateway charges up to two mobile Apple devices while simultaneously streaming high quality audio through the airplane's own audio system. The iPlayAir USB Audio Gateway has been tested to ensure electromagnetic compatibility with flight critical systems such as radios and communications equipment to the RTCA DO-160G standard. The designers used the think[box] thermal camera to diagnose an overheating problem they encountered during development.

Quaternary-Encoded Fluorescent Dye Mixture August 20, 2016

A novel heat-sensitive fluorescent dye mixture is used in drop-cast PMMA (Acrylic) to store encoded data. Two types of dyes are used, one is photochromatic (sensitive to light) and one is thermochromatic (sensitive to heat). Each dye individually makes it possible to encode binary data, but by mixing them together it is possible to encode quaternary data.


Peiran Wei -
Emily Pentzer -
Bowen Li -

Light Board August 11, 2016

This teaching aid project allows an instructor to face a recording device as they write, solving a major problem with online, televised, or streamed courses. Previously the instructors were forced to turn their back on the camera in order to write on the board. With the Light Board the instructor can now write with perfect ease on a transparent, edge-lit acrylic window with fluorescent markers while facing the camera. A video filter mirrors the image so the writing reads normally and not backwards. Chemistry professors Michael Kenney and Emily Pentzer developed the concept and used think[box] to 3D print the clips that hold the LED lights to the edge of the acrylic.


Michael Kenney -
Emily Pentzer -

Solar Powered Charging Table July 14, 2016

Two Great Lakes Energy Institute ThinkEnergy students designed this solar powered picnic table to add an mobile device charging station to the Case Western Reserve University university campus.


Jason Pickering -
Gabrielle Zadina -

Suzanne Head Artwork June 14, 2016

Suzanne Head is a fine artist who incorporates laser cut plywood for her drawing surfaces. First, she executes a series of sketches, then scans the final line work into the computer and traces the outlines onto an Adobe Illustrator file for the laser cutter to communicate with. Finally, she laser cuts those shapes onto plywood, draws on the cut surfaces, and assembles the pieces to create her final composition. She uses this same method with cutting paper as well and sometimes incorporates both surfaces into one piece. 

Bubble-Blowing Device May 31, 2016

This modular hand-held bubble blowing device is intended to be used to demonstrate gas properties to young children during in science demonstrations. Compared to other demonstration set-ups, this device don't involve heavy gas tanks or tubes. Balloons are inflated and securely sealed with the designed balloon clip that attaches to the back of the device. Once the balloon air is released into the device, bubbles of all shapes and sizes and be blown, including balloons filled with propane or other flammable gases, which can be lit on fire.

Re:Inspire - Media Art X Education May 25, 2016

Taiwan-based Creative Fusion artist Jia-Hua "Dudu" Zhan energizes everyday life through her interpretations of experience. At this event viewers witnessed work done by DuDu independently and in Northeast Ohio schools which utilize new technology. The multi-media exhibit features interactive paint, 3D scan sculptures, and motion-tracking projections to inspire audiences to rethink the world around them


Jia-Hua Zhan-

Occupy Everything May 12, 2016

"Occupy Everything" is a demi-couture collection created for Kent State University's Annual Fashion Show, FS2: Crescendo. In collaboration with Kurt Nelson, a senior architecture student at Kent State, Kara Kroeger designed a capsule accessory collection of bracelets, a belt, and shoe covers with the 3D printer at the think[box] at Case Western University. The belt is visible in the photograph on the third model from the right. The other pieces are not shown in this image.


Kara Kroeger -

iStrab May 5, 2016

LYGENT is developing a novel, easy-to-use vision screening tool called the iStrab™. Once FDA cleared, it will afford providers with a quick, automated assessment of eye misalignment and other prevalent vision problems. The iStrab™ is intended to be an effective aid in clinical treatment and its simplicity and low cost should increase access to appropriate vision care for millions of people across the globe.


Nicholas Vandillen -

Condado Tacos Signage May 5, 2016

This custom exterior signage for Condado Tacos  in Columbus, Ohio was made from SignFoam on the ShopBot with a v-carve bit.