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Parihug October 14, 2015

Parihug makes electronically-connected teddy bears, that let loved ones hug each other from a distance. Two people can be on different sides of the world, each with their own bear. When one is hugged, a suite of soft, fabric-based sensors detects the hug and transmits a message to the other bear. The receiving bear then hugs its owner with a gentle vibration-- haptic telepresence! The bears allow loved ones to connect with each other when they physically cannot be together, and brings the humanity back into technological connection.

The sensor suite was made from scratch, with each sensor being developed to be soft as to not compromise the huggability of the toy, rather than stock metal sensors. They are comprised mainly of a material called velostat, a pressure sensitive conductive sheet made of polymeric foil impregnated with carbon black.

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Xyla Foxlin -
Harshita Gupta


Lexus Heartbeat Car September 16, 2015

Using electronics prototyped in think[box], this Lexus car uses Lumilor electroluminescent paint to turn the heartbeat of the driver into a light show.


Process August 7, 2015

Irina Spicaka of Latvia, a CEC Artslink fellow and SWAP resident with SPACES initiated this 3D projection mapped art installation while presenting a workshop with partner Krisjanis Rijnieks introducing the basics of projection mapping. This series could only be held at universities with the fabrication facilities to build the forms on-site. By utilizing think[box] this presentation could be held here in Cleveland. Both Irina and Krisjanis are members of Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals (CC4AV), an organization hosting events and workshops for software, hardware, video, and audio development.



Vertical Axis Wind Turbine July 22, 2015

You can see this vertical axis wind turbine in action at the Case Western Reserve University Squire Valleevue Farm where it powers lighting and data acquisition systems that allow oyster mushrooms to be grown year-round. Cost, location, and performance were carefully considered in the deisgn process to reduce dependence on grid-fed, non-renewable energy during operation. The Bingham Shop and staff aided in the machining and fabrication of the finished product.


Kelly Hacker -
Matthew Patten -

Eye Clinic Camera Phone Alignment Tool July 8, 2015

This customizable smartphone case is being used in an eye clinic to help teach students and document eye conditions without the use of expensive photography equipment. Dr. Rony Sayegh and Dr. Charline Boente of the University Hospitals Department of Opthalmology worked with Ethan Tu of Case Western Reserve University on this adaptor case which connects a smartphone to the slit-lamp - a magnifier used in eye clinics to examine the eye - allowing medical students and staff to acquire high-definition photos of the eye using any phone. The smartphone was scanned using a high-precision 3D scanner, then a case for the smartphone was modeled in AutoCAD and 3D printed. 


Rony Sayegh -
Charline Boente -

Model Citizens July 6, 2015

Sculptures designed and built by an architect using 3D printed parts from the Fortus 400 intermingled with wood pieces cut on the ShopBot. 


Andrew Reach -

Custom-Built CNC Table Router April 22, 2015

This 3-axis CNC table router was designed and built from scratch by students from the University of Akron. Fabrication occurred at think[box] where parts were cut using the ShopBot.


Tyler Schimmoeller -

Compliant Modular Mesh Worm Robot April 14, 2015

This project by the Biologically Inspired Robotics Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University seeks to develop a novel means of robotic locomotion useful in niche applications such as pipe inspection.

Credit goes to Andrew D. Horchler, Akhil Kandhari, Kathryn A. Daltorio, Kenneth C. Moses, Kayla B. Andersen, Hillary Bunnelle, Joseph Kershaw, William H. Tavel, Richard J. Bachmann, Hillel J. Chiel, and Roger D. Quinn.


Mini-Baja Car March 30, 2015

This vehicle competed in the Society of Automotive Engineer's annual mini-baja competition where CWRU students designed and built the car from scratch. Although primarily fabricated in the Bingham Machine Shop, many supplemental tasks were completed in think[box]. In particular, students 3D printed mold-making patterns, cut out welding fixtures in the laser cutters, and fabricated composite floor panels for the finished car on the ShopBot.


Alex Letwin -
CJ Valle -

Reading Wetu March 26, 2015

“Reading Wetu” is a project created with the first grade class of Ms. Erin Shakour at Orchard STEM School located on Cleveland’s westside during the fall 2014 semester. The reading Wetu occupies an 8' x 8' x 8' area in the corner of her classroom, and houses her small library of children’s books. The structure is built entirely from 3/4"  thick plywood and yarn, and fabricated with the CNC router at think[box]. This project is part of a series of works that I have created in collaboration with Progressive Arts Alliance, a local arts organization whose focus is to provide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programming to the Cleveland Public School District.


Marcus Brathwaite -