Projects at think[box]


Design/Build/Fly Competition Entry March 17, 2013

Case's entry to the Design/Build/Fly student competition used wood sections that were laser cut at think[box]

Brian Guzek -


Hats for Parade The Circle March 17, 2013

Laser-cut adjustable hats for children to decorate in an arts parade.

Sam Li
Lisa Kramer Reichel -
Bernadette Marconi -

Tesla Orchestra Power-Doubling Upgrades March 17, 2013

Student engineering/performance group on the way to their third overseas tour, renovating their twin musical tesla coils to double the power they produce.

Chris Dickey -
Ian Charnas -

Electromechanical Clothing Prototype March 17, 2013

Featherweight servo motors and white PCBs form the beginnings of re-configurable high-tech fashion.  Individual triangle-shaped units mesh together using neodymium magnets, which also carry serial communication signals and battery-charging current.

XinXin Liu -
Jonny Hall -