Long-Term Project Space Application


Certain project bays on Floor 5 are reserved for selected longer-term team-based group projects. See the Student Project Space web page for more information.


  • Teams and groups with at least one (1) CWRU undergraduate or graduate student may apply
  • Teams with diverse membership from areas such as engineering, science, art, humanities, and others across the campus and community are encouraged to apply
  • Research and course-related projects are not eligible to reserve these spaces, but may instead use the Open Project Spaces. See the Student Project Space web page for more information.

Review Process

A review committee will carry out the review of proposals and applicants will be notified by email. Proposals will be considered under the following criteria:

  • Technical and Monetary Feasibility - Can your team realistically create the proposed project(s) given your existing skillset, and is the team's budget appropriate for the project(s) goals?
  • Experience - Has the group achieved the objectives they set for themselves the prior year?
  • Cross-Disciplinary - Does the group include members from more than one major, department, school, university, etc?

Review Committee

The review committee consists of:

  • Ian Charnas, think[box] Manager
  • Jason Bradshaw, Reinberger/Bingham Staff
  • Marcus Brathwaite, think[box] Fabrication Manager
  • Ray Krajci, think[box] Operations Manager
  • Marshall Nill, think[box] Staff