Project Space

Short-Term Project Space

Apply for a cage, cart, or locker by sending an email to These spaces are available on a first-come first-served basis to all think[box] users including community members. Storage space will be issued based upon the needs of the project and the materials to be stored. Please include this information in your email. Project space usage will be monitored and unused storage space may be reclaimed or materials may be relocated to best suit our users' needs.

Short-term project space is allocated until the end of the current semester whereupon all materials must be removed by the time think[box] shuts down for school breaks in May, August, and December or else they will be discarded. Consult the Full Schedule for exact dates. Email reminders will be provided.


  • 36 x 36 x 36 inches
  • Combination lock
  • Quantity: 14 Cages


  • 35 x 23 x 21 inches
  • Locked with a key
  • Wheeled for use around think[box]
  • Quantity: 16 Carts


  • 9 x 11 x 18 inches
  • Combination lock
  • Quantity: 54 Lockers



Long-Term Project Bays

Four (4) bays are reserved for long-term team-based group projects.


  • A project is considered long-term and team-based if it is expected to last for many years, and outlive the academic career of any particular student.
  • Examples of eligible teams include competition and club teams such as SAE Mini-Baja, Design / Build / Fly, Case Rocket Team, Case Robotics Club, student theater groups, etc.
  • Examples of projects that are not eligible include academic projects and personal projects. Those projects should use the Short-Term Project Spaces (see above).
  • Bay occupants are selected by think[box] management. Please direct inquiries regarding the Long-Term Project Bays to



Load-In Procedure

A loading dock is available for use in loading large items into think[box]. The following information will help you successfully use the loading dock.

Loading Dock Logistics

  • For students receiving shipments, stress to the shipping company that a full-size (48 or 53) foot trailer truck will not fit through the parking lot. Demand that they ship using a truck that is 30 feet or less. Note that truck length is measured as the length of the "box" for a box truck - also called a "straight" truck because there is no swivel joint between the truck and the box, while for a trailer truck the truck length is the length of the trailer. Also, stress that the shipping company must pass along your cell phone number (and a cell phone number for a project partner in case you are not available) to the driver who will be making the delivery. Do not give the lab phone number, as think[box] staff are not able to receive and sign for your shipments. If a shipment arrives for students who are not there to receive it, think[box] staff will reject the shipment and the student group will have to arrange for it to be redelivered at their own cost.
  • Nothing may be stored on the loading dock. Students using the loading dock must immediately move their items off the loading dock, or they will be disposed of promptly and without further warning by think[box] staff.
  • When opening the overhead doors at the loading dock, a silent alarm will go off. See a full-time think[box] staff member to call CWRU security and have them temporarily de-activate the silent alarm. Once you are finished using the overhead door, make sure to lock it by sliding the latch into the receiver, and ask a full-time think[box] staff member to call CWRU security and have them re-enable the silent alarm. Re-enabling the alarm is very important for building security, do not forget.
  • A passenger elevator is available for moving projects between floors.
  • A freight elevator is available for larger items, which can be accessed by speaking with a think[box] staff member or student worker during regular open hours.
  • Important dimensions for receiving shipments and loading in projects:
    • Main front door entrance:
      • Width: 30 inches. Use the loading dock for anything wider than this.
    • Bridge connecting Veale to think[box]:
      • Height: 13 feet 6 inches. Delivery vehicles must be shorter than this.
    • Loading dock:
      • Height from the ground: 40 inches. Standard dock height is 48 - 52 inches, so the think[box] docks are significantly lower. There are two dock plates and two pallet jacks available to aid with loading and unloading.
    • Floor 1 double doors:
      • Width: 62 inches
      • Height: 82.5 inches
    • Passenger elevator:
      • Width: 48 inches
      • Height: 84 inches
    • Glass lobby door:
      • Width: 38.75 inches
      • Height: 96 inches