Billing Options for Classes and Projects



Faculty and staff have several options to allow their students to purchase materials at think[box].

Cash, Check, Credit Cards, and Case Cash: Students may purchase materials using cash, check, credit cards, or CaseCash, and bring their receipt to a department administrator for reimbursement.

Speedtype: Faculty and staff may provide a speedtype for students to purchase materials at think[box]. Any student who is authorized to make a speedtype purchase may do so, as long as they have an active speedtype number and the full name of the PI (primary investigator) at the time of purchase. Please note there is a $10 minimum on speedtype transactions, and no exceptions will be made. Faculty and staff wishing to receive receipts should direct their students to ask think[box] staff to copy them on the receipt at the time of purchase.

Account: A think[box] account may be used when sharing a speedtype with individual students is not desired. These accounts give faculty and staff the option to limit spending against their speedtype, and provide a start date and end date to prevent spending outside of a class or project. Contact to set up an account and receive your account number. Students must provide this account number at the time of purchase.