Lab Policies


Access Policies

Find out who may access think[box], what the policies are for K-12 students, and what the rules are for the machine shops.

Safety Policies

Learn about proper apparel in the lab and in the machine shops, where to find MSDS information, and safety policies for think[box] equipment.

Purchase Policies

See accepted purchase methods, return policies, and other things related to purchases at think[box].  

General Policies

Important information on everything from Tool Loans to E-Waste to Manufacturing Rules and much more.

Hand-Tool Standard Operating Procedures

Even experienced users need to read our Standard Operating Procedures before using hand tools. Keep yourself and the tools safe by using them properly.

Intellectual Property (IP) Policies

Do the ideas you invent at think[box] belong to you?

K-12 Policies

Are you under the age of 18 and looking to access think[box]?

Document Sharing Policies

K-12 Schools, Universities, Libraries, and Maker Spaces often want to utilize think[box] tutorials, study guides, and other documents as a basis for their own documentation.