Abrasive Waterjet Cutter - OMAX 5555

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Waterjet Cutter Capabilities • Drawing and Toolpath Generation with Intelli-MAX LAYOUT • Setting Up and Cutting your part with Intelli-MAX MAKE • Sample.dxf • Quiz • Operating Checklist


The OMAX 5555 is an abrasive water jet system that enables users to cut 2D parts out of almost any material. Although traditional waterjet systems produce tapered cuts due to the spray pattern, this OMAX 5555 has a special Tilt-A-Jet mechanism that allows users to control the location of the taper leaving perfectly square cuts on your parts. 

How to Start

  1. Read all Waterjet Cutter Documentation: Read through the Waterjet Cutter Capabilities document to understand what the machine can do and if it is right for your project.
  2. Design Your Part: Design your part with the capabilities of the machine in mind. You may use SolidWorks, CREO, Inventor, or any other modern CAD software package. Please note that think[box] does not currently offer design assistance. It is your responsibility to design your part. Email thinkbox@case.edu with any specific questions about machine capabilities. Alternatively, download this Sample.dxf file if you don't have a design of your own.
  3. Create an .ord File: Read the Drawing and Toolpath Generation with Intelli-MAX LAYOUT tutorial and create an .ord file. The Intelli-MAX LAYOUT software is installed on all think[box] thin client computers and converts your .dxf file into toolpaths that the waterjet cutter uses to cut our your part.  
  4. Prepare the Waterjet Cutter: Read the Machine Setup and Cutting your Part with Intelli-MAX Make tutorial. This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up the waterjet cutter and cutting your part. 
  5. Pass the Quiz: Take this quiz on the tutorials and pass with 100%.  
  6. Prepare Material: Bring your material to think[box]. You can deliver it to parking lot 7 (see directions page of our website) and then use a think[box] materials cart to transport it from your car to the fourth floor.
  7. Get a think[box] Ability Badge: Come to think[box] and ask a Student Worker for an Ability Badge Orientation. They will ask you to read sections of the think[box] Access Policies and Safety Policies and then you will read and sign an electronic Machine Shop Access Agreement. You will be given an Ability Badge, which must be worn at all times when you are using the machine shop. Note, you are not yet approved to use the machines in the machine shop.
  8. Schedule an In-Person Certification Class: In order to schedule an In-Person Certification Class you must pass the quiz with 100%. After passing the quiz with 100% you will be given a link that will allow you to schedule an in person certification. This is a 2 hour long class taught by a think[box] staff or student worker that works through the steps outlined in the waterjet cutter tutorial and covers basic waterjet safety and operation. Upon successful completion of the class you will be given a "WATERJET" sticker for your ability badge that grants you permission to use the think[box] waterjet cutter during all open hours.
  9. Use the Waterjet Cutter With Approval: Once you are approved to use the waterjet cutter, you can come to the fourth floor to setup the machine on your own during think[box] open hours but you MUST have a full-time staff member or trained Student Worker check over your setup (checklist) before actually running the machine. You must do this every time you use the waterjet cutter, with no exceptions.

File Format 

A .dxf file is required for the Intelli-MAX LAYOUT software.

Approved Materials

The waterjet cutter can cut through most materials including:

  • Woods
  • Plastics
  • Composites
  • Metals
  • Stones

Wood and Metal Shop Supplies

Technical Details

Read the Waterjet Cutter Capabilities document for technical details.