Vinyl Cutter - Roland GX-24 CAMM-1 SERVO

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The Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter is an easy to use, versatile machine capable of quickly producing custom vinyl signs, stencils, logos, or decals.  Create a design using Corel Draw, or using any vector art package such as Adobe Illustrator that can be imported into Corel Draw. Choose a color from amongst think[box]'s more than 15 different stocked vinyl rolls.  Customized vinyl designs  give your project a finished, polished look.

How to Start

  1. Prepare your design. Read the first few sections of the Tutorial for instructions on how to prepare your design. 
  2. Come to think[box] when your design is complete and you are ready to finish the Tutorial and cut, transfer, and apply your design.

File Format 

Vector Art files - Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, or equivalent.


Vinyl Rolls of different colors and finishes are available.  Costs are based on the total number of linear inches of vinyl you cut off the roll, using the pricing rate below:

Vinyl Cutter Supplies

Technical Details

Acceptable Media Width: 2” to 27.5” (50 to 700mm)

Maximum Cutting Area: Width:22.9” (584mm) Length: 984” (25m)

Cutting Speed: 4 to 20ips (10 to 500mm/sec)

Blade Force: 30 to 250gf

Mechanical Resolution: 0.000492” (0.0125mm)

Software Resolution: 0.000984” (0.025mm)

Distance Accuracy: Error of less than +/- 0.2% of distance traveled, or +/- 0.004” (+/- 0.1mm), whichever is greater

Repetition Accuracy: +/- 0.004” (+/- 0.1mm) or less

Alignment Accuracy for Printing and Cutting when Loading Printed Material: +/- 0.04” (+/- 1mm)

Interface: USB Interface