Computerized Router - ShopBot PRSalpha 96x48

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ShopBot Capabilities • Background: CNC Router 101 • Training Schedule
Operating Checklist CorelDraw Basics • Example .DXF File
Generating Toolpaths with PartWorks • Operating the ShopBot


The ShopBot offers high speed, high performance CNC cutting, drilling, carving, and machining of a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and composites. Capable of transit speeds of 1800 inches per minute and cutting speeds of 600 inches per minute, the ShopBot delivers fast production times. The easy to use PartWorks software interfaces with the ShopBot to simply transform your CAD designs into real parts.

How to Start

  1. Review the ShopBot Capabilities: Read through the ShopBot Capabilities document to understand what the machine can do and if it is the right machine for your project.
  2. Design Your Part: Design your part with the capabilities of the machine in mind. You may use SolidWorks, CREO, Inventor, or any other modern CAD software package. Please note that think[box] does not currently offer design assistance. It is your responsibility to design your part. Email with any specific questions about machine capabilities. Alternatively, download this sample .DXF file if you don't have a design of your own.
  3. Create Toolpaths: Bring your files to think[box] and follow the PartWorks Tutorial to generate toolpaths for your part.
  4. Prepare Material: Bring your material to think[box] or purchase material from think[box]. think[box] sells sheets of 1/2 inch by 48 inch by 96 inch birch plywood and also has scraps available. If you bring your own material, you can deliver it to parking lot 7 (see directions page of our website) and then use the think[box] materials cart to transport it from your car to the workshop.
  5. Get a think[box] Ability Badge: Come to think[box] and ask a Student Worker for an Ability Badge Orientation. They will ask you to read sections of the think[box] Access Policies and Safety Policies and then you will read and sign an electronic Machine Shop Access Agreement. You will be given an Ability Badge, which must be worn at all times when you are using the machine shop. Note, you are not yet approved to use the machines in the machine shop.
  6. Schedule an In-Person Certification Class*: Use the Training Scheduler to schedule a time to take the think[box] ShopBot Training and Certification Class. This is a 2 hour class taught by think[box] staff that works through the steps outlined in the Operating the ShopBot Tutorial and covers basic ShopBot safety and operation. Upon successful completion of the class, you will be given a "SHOPBOT" sticker for your ability badge that grants you permission to use the think[box] ShopBot during all open hours.
  7. Use the ShopBot with Approval: Once you are approved to use the ShopBot, you can come in to setup the machine on your own during think[box] open hours but you MUST have a full time staff member or trained Student Worker check your work according to the Operating Checklist before actually running the machine. You must do this every time you use the ShopBot, with no exceptions.

File Format 

Use .DXF file format for PartWorks software.

Use .STL file format for PartWorks 3D software.


The ShopBot is capable of cutting wood, most plastics, and certain composites such as Garolite.  No metals of any kind may be cut on the ShopBot, no matter the thickness.  At this time only one stocked material is available at think[box], however as with most think[box] machines users are welcome to bring in their own materials.  The stocked material is a full sheet of 1/2 inch Baltic Birch Plywood.  This is an A-A plywood with 5 plies and low void count.  Costs are per sheet, using the pricing rate below:

Wood and Metal Shop Supplies

Technical Details

Step resolution of .0004"

Positional accuracy of +/- .002"

Nominal cutting area:  96"x 48"x 6" or 2.44m x 1.22m x .15m

Total movement area: 102" x 62" x 8" or 2.49m x 1.57m x .20m

Training Calendar

The ShopBot is scheduled on a first come, first served basis, however training sessions do take priority since they are scheduled in advance. Please look at the calendar below to see when the ShopBot will be in use. Additionally, you can call ahead (216.368.4976) to see if the machine is in use.