Sheet Metal Brake - National U6-4812


The National U6-4812 is a sheet metal box and pan brake that can bend sheet metal. It is equipped with two cast iron counterweights and an apron stop for bending the sheet metal into a box shape. 

How to Start

  1. Get a think[box] Ability Badge: Come to think[box] and ask a Student Worker for an Ability Badge Orientation. They will ask you to read sections of the think[box] Access Policies and Safety Policies and then you will read and sign an electronic Machine Shop Access Agreement. You will be given an Ability Badge, which must be worn at all times when you are using the machine shop. Note, you are not yet approved to use all of the machines in the machine shop.

File Format 



Sheet metal

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Technical Details

  • Bending Length: 49 inches
  • Maximum Box Depth: 6 inches
  • Capacity: Mild Steel 12 Gauge (0.1063 inches); Stainless Steel 16 Gauge (0.05080 inches)