Large Format Printer - HP Designjet T790 ePrint

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Printing a Poster • Changing the Paper • Trimming a Poster 


The HP DesignJet t790e is a large-format printer capable of producing high-resolution posters on glossy or bond paper.

How to Start

  1. Read about Printing a Poster, which includes information on material costs and how to prepare your design. Use your home computer, Nord Lab, Reinberger Lab, or another lab on campus to prepare your design. There are only a small number of computers at think[box], they are to be used for running machines, not preparing your design.
  2. Trim your Poster and find a Teaching Assistant so you can pay for your job.

File Format 

The plotter is operated as a regular printer.  You can prepare your design in any software.  Read about how to Print a Poster, which includes information about common file formats and resolutions.


Glossy and Bond Paper are available.  Costs are based on the the total number of linear inches of paper that you cut off the roll, using the pricing rate below:

Plotter Supplies

Technical Details

Resolution: 1200 dpi

Paper Roll Width: 42 inches

Print Speed: 33.3 square feet per hour