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Safe to Use List of Aerosol Paints and Coatings


A paint room is a special purpose environment for supporting parts finishing operations such as painting, staining, and lacquering. The paint room on Floor 5 of think[box] contains an open face spray booth equipped with filters that help contain vapors and aerosols from finishing processes. While personal protective equipment (PPE) still must be worn, the overall hazards resulting from painting, staining, or varnishing are greatly reduced.

How to Start

  1. Check to see if your spray coating is safe to use by referencing our Safe to Use List of Aerosol Paints and Coatings. If your paint isn't on the list you can check to see if it is a water- or oil-based aerosol. Water-based coatings are allowed. Oil-based aerosols are not safe to use in the paint room and are prohibited. If you are unsure what kind of coating you have, you may speak with think[box] staff or email a picture of your can to
  2. Once you know your coating is safe to use, come to think[box]. The paint room is located on the 5th floor. Before going in to coat your project make sure to put on safety goggles (located on the safety kiosk outside of the room) before entering the room.
  1. Once you are done clean up any mess you have made. think[box] has video cameras monitoring the space. People found misusing the space will lose their privileges to use the paint room.

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Safe to Use List of Aerosol Paints and Coatings

Technical Details

Interior working size: 52 inches wide, 30 inches deep, 76 inches tall

Exhaust fan: 2600 cubic feet per minute (CFM)