Lincoln Electric Power MIG 350MP

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The Lincoln Electric Power MIG 350MP in an arc welder that feeds a solid wire electrode through a welding gun to join two base materials together in a process called MIG welding. A shielding gas is also sent through the welding gun, protecting the weld from contamination. The Power MIG 350MP setup at think[box] offers two modes of transfer: spray transfer and pulsed spray transfer.

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Medium to heavy mill scale base material, sheet metal to 380-485 MPa (55-70 ksi) yield strength material, automotive repair, robotic or hard automation, structural steel

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Technical Details

  • Welding Current Range: 5 – 350 Amps
  • Welding Voltage Range: 10 – 45 Volts
  • Wire Speed Range: 50 – 700 IPM
  • Shielding Gas: 90% Argon, 10% CO2
  • Consumable: SuperArc L-56 0.035" Diameter Mild Steel, Copper Coated Wire

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