Fume Hood

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A fume hood allows users to safely perform certain chemical operations without exposing themselves or other users to potentially harmful or noxious fumes. While not all chemical operations are permitted at think[box], the fume hood is intended to support mold-making, encapsulating electronics, certain electroplating operations, two-part epoxy curing, and other processes approved by think[box] on a case-by-case basis.

How to Start

  1. Fill out the online application form describing the process you are proposing to perform. The application involves submitting a SDS (safety data sheet) for each material and chemical you will be using, describing your procedures and safety plan, and planning for safe disposal of your materials and chemicals as well as their byproducts.
  2. Wait. Staff at think[box] will carefully review your application, investigate your proposed plans, consult with any necessary specialists, and respond within 10 working days. 
  3. If your application is approved, email Marshall Nill to schedule a time for you to use the Fume Hood.

File Format 

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Technical Details

Interior working size: 29 inches wide, 30 inches deep

Exhaust fan: 270 cubic feet per minute (CFM)

No compressed air or other gases are available.

A vacuum pump and vacuum chamber are available.