Fume Hood

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A fume hood allows users to safely perform certain chemical operations without exposing themselves or other users to potentially harmful or noxious fumes. While most chemical operations are permitted at think[box], the fume hood is provided to support mold-making, encapsulating electronics, two-part epoxy curing, and other processes approved by think[box] on a case-by-case basis.

How to Start

  1. Come in to think[box] with your project and materials necessary to complete your chemical operation. 
  1. If you are unsure whether the chemical operation you need to perform is permitted, contact thinkbox@case.edu and include a description of the process you are proposing to perform.

File Format 

Not applicable.


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Technical Details

Interior working size: 29 inches wide, 30 inches deep

Exhaust fan: 270 cubic feet per minute (CFM)

No compressed air or other gases are available.

A vacuum pump and vacuum chamber are available.