Digital Multimeter - Keithley 2000

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User Manual • Measuring Resistance • Measuring Current • Measuring Voltage


A multimeter is an instrument that measures electric current, voltage, and resistance, among many others. The Keithley 2000 offers a combination of high-precision, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, providing fast and accurate measurements.

Key features include:

  • 13 built-in measurement functions
  • 2000 readings/second at 4 ½ seconds
  • DC voltage sensitivity as low as 100nV and basic accuracy of 0.002%
  • IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces

How to Start

  1. To get started, refer to the following tutorials: Measuring VoltageMeasuring Resistance, and Measuring Voltage
  2. For more advanced functions, please refer to the User Manual or talk to a think[box] Student Worker. 
  3. Various measuring probes can be found on the back wall adjacent to the electronics area.

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