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Using the CameraScope


The Leica MC120 HD Microscope Camera is a standalone microscope camera system for inspection and assembly of circuits and small mechanisms as well as any other microscopic application. The camera outputs full HD video to a dedicated LCD monitor, allowing groups of persons to view the subject at the same time - something especially important for soldering instruction. The camera can also record full-color still images and movie clip recordings directly to the integrated SD card, without the need for a computer.

The microscope used in this setup is a Leica S6D stereo inspection microscope, with high-precision optics offering up to 40X magnification with a 38 degree viewing angle and a 110mm working distance.


How to Start

  1. Read our Camerascope Tutorial to learn how to use the machine. 
  2. If an SD card is not in the camerascope, find a think[box] student worker and they will get you one. 
  3. If you need an SD card reader, find a think[box] student worker and they will get you one. 

File Format 

The camerascope saves photos as .JPG files and saves videos as .MP4 files to the SD card.



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Technical Details

Maximum optical magnification: 40X
Viewing angle: 38°
Working distance: 110 millimeters
High definition live image: 1920x1080p, 30fps
JPG images maximum resolution: 1824x1368 pixels, 2.5 megapixels
MP4 movie clips maximum resolution: 1920x1080 pixels, 2 megapixels