Information for Groups and Classes

Bringing a Group or Class to Sears think[box]

There are two ways to get your group or class started with the Sears think[box]. You can:

  1. Show the Sears think[box] Orientation Presentation to your entire group or class. This convenient option exposes your group or class to the basics of working in the Sears think[box] without the need to schedule a trip, preparing them to make the most of their first visit.
  2. Schedule a tour or orientation at for your group or class at the Sears think[box]. Refer to the tours page for more information.

Interested in bringing a K-12 individual or group? Click here for more information.

If your group includes K-12 individuals (minors):
If you are planning a project that requires the use of think[box]:
  • Be sure to design projects around the machines that are currently available. These are marked with a green dot on the equipment page of our website.