About think[box]

An Innovative Home for Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Think[box] will create a distinct, on-campus environment where hands-on education, design and development, and product commercialization can all take place, and where these activities can interact and cross fertilize.  More than a meeting place or  world-class fabrication laboratory, it's home to educators, advisors, mentors, and facilitators who can assist students and faculty into becoming tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

Think[box] is a force to change the social culture of Case Western Reserve and Northeast Ohio by encouraging cross-department and cross-institution collaborative endeavors that push creativity and innovation to their limits.  By providing a place where members of the engineering, design, arts, science, medical and business communities can interact, we hope to overcome the intellectual and physical boundaries that often prevent the spread of ideas and limit cross-discipline innovation.

Education, innovation and collaboration power America’s unique spirit of entrepreneurialism—a sentiment the Case Western Reserve University community has exemplified for more than 150 years. From the founding of Dow Chemical to the creation of craigslist, Case Western Reserve and its alumni have taken leading roles in the advancement of technology, innovation, and value creation.

Today’s faculty and students continue this tradition. With award-winning research ranging from materials to robotics, the innovators at Case Western Reserve University create ideas that can transform the region and fuel economic growth and the betterment of society. They think out of the box to think beyond the possible.

Surviving in an environment of global competition, however, requires a physical and mental infrastructure that encourages ingenuity and nurtures entrepreneurial spirit. Think[box] at Case Western Reserve will be such an environment—a distinct home where hands-on education, design, development and product commercialization can cross fertilize.


The vision of think[box] is to change the economic and social culture of the University and region by emphasizing cross-discipline and cross-institution collaborative endeavors that push creativity and innovation to their limits. Think[box] will provide a project-based learning environment where students from all courses of study have an opportunity to understand how innovation and creativity can lead to economic and social advancement. This exposure will encourage entrepreneurial thinking among our students, who will then be poised to become the leaders and innovators of the future. Simultaneously, think[box] will create an entrepreneurial environment where these ideas can be nurtured, developed, funded, and commercialized.


The mission of think[box] is to establish, on campus, a physical and cultural focal point that will:

  • Provide an educational environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and invention.
  • Provide comprehensive resources for innovation and value creation.
  • Create an engine for entrepreneurial growth within our community by identifying and nurturing the talents and expertise of CWRU students, faculty, and staff, as well as those of the surrounding community.